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Autóipari szabványok CW és radar impulzus mérések esetén

One challenge for Automotive EMC laboratories is to find a cost-effective solution to meet both the Continuous Wave (CW) and Radar Pulse requirements of the automotive manufacturer standards.

Referenced against IS0 11452-2 these standards outline the narrow band radiated immunity test methods for automotive components. 

This webinar will give you an up to date overview of not only the EMC standards requirements for the major US manufactures of Ford and GM, but also compares these requirements to that of major European and Chinese manufactures to give a global overview. 

In the webinar we will detail the different types of modulation and RF power requirements for the amplifiers, not only to meet the 600V/m radar pulse levels but also the 200V/m CW field strength demanded in some Chinese manufacture standards. It then will demonstrate how a single amplifier solution reduces the complexity needed to meet both Pulse and CW test requirements up to 6GHz, meeting not only today's requirements but also to be ready for tomorrows challenges.


Időpont: 2020. Május 21. 17:00 (CET)


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RF interferencia-vizsgálatok - Bird Technologies


RF Interference – Mitigation Strategies using Wideband Signal Recording


RF spectrum is becoming more crowded with applications such as 5G, autonomous vehicles, drones, electronic warfare, wireless communication. Interference culprits are often unpredictable and difficult to detect. Join X-Com experts to learn about:

• Long-duration RF Interference Testing

• Tools for RF Interference Testing

• Case Studies

• Mitigation Strategies


Időpont: 2020. Május 14. 19:00 (CET)

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Wavecontrol EMF szemináriumok - május


1– Webinar WaveMon – WaveMon (LF+RF) Personal Monitor

We will introduce the WaveMon Personal Monitor, an award winning exposimeter from Wavecontrol to avoid being overexposed to electromagnetic fields.

For Low and High Frequencies – DC to 60 GHz!
5G Ready

2 – Webinar MonitEM – MonitEM outdoor EMF monitor

The MonitEM can monitor EMF outdoors 24/7, using AC power, battery and solar panel. The built-in modem allows remote communication with the Control Centre.


3 – Webinar MonitEM-Lab indoor EMF monitor

The MonitEM-Lab monitors the EMF levels 24/7 and can warn the user with built-in audible and visual alarms or remotely, through the software Control Center.



4 – Webinar SMP2  portable field strenght meter

The SMP2 offers an unrivalled combination of 3 features:

  1. Broadband measurements (DC to 60 GHz)
  2. Frequency spectrum analysis (DC to 400 kHz)
  3. Static field measurements

The SMP2 also offers excellent reporting tools, ease of operation and comparison to international regulatory limits.


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